Notes from Recent Lectures

Putin’s Wars – May 23 update

President Putin’s Wars

The history of President Putin’s war making. Some thoughts about the strategic balance of the war in Ukraine. What other governments need to do to prevent their populations and their economies from becoming collateral damage of Putin’s Special Military Operation.

The Second Battle of Alamein

The Outbreak of War in the Pacific

The Japanese wave crashes down across the Pacific and South East Asia

The Emergence of Japan 1853 to 1941

From Hermit Kingdom to Global Menace

The Siege of Tobruk

The collapse of the front at El Agheila. The retreat to Tobruk. And the defence of Tobruk by General Morshead and the 9th Australian Division supported by British artillery and tanks.

The events of 15th April 1941

Decisions to withdraw in Greece. The first German assault on Tobruk is repulsed. Calamity for the RAF in Greece. Japan expands into IndoChina and negotiates with the Soviet Union.

The Battle of Cape Matapan

For an account of the defeat of the Italian Fleet off Cape Matapan see the “Australia’s War 80 years ago this week” page for the week of 24 to 30 March 1941.

Operation Compass

The First Commonwealth Campaign in North Africa against the Italians December 1940 to February 1941

The Japanese Assault on Timor

The Japanese Assault on Timor. The Loss of Sparrow Force and the Survival of the Independent Company. Covers the events leading up to the commitment of Sparrow force and the strategic struggles in the Australian Government at the time of the assault. Includes background on Japanese paratroop operations.

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 27

Who Defended Australia?

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 26

A look at some Allied decision making processes at the outbreak of war and in the development of weapons.

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 25

Land Battles, Kokoda, Guadalcanal & Milne Bay – What we Know Now

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 24

Land Battles in Malaya – What we Know Now

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 23

Naval Surface Actions. The disasters and the occasional victory, what we now know.

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 22

The Battle of Midway – What we Now Know and the Lives of a couple of actors in the carrier battles.

The Fall of France

The War in the West in May and June 1940 and the collapse of the Third Republic.

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 21

What we know now ; the Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse, the Attack on Lexington on 20 February and the Attacks on the Amphibious Force on 7 and 8 August.

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 20

What we know now 1; the Attacks on Pearl Harbor and Sydney Harbour and the I Go counter offensive.

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 19

The Japanese Air Forces strike back. The killing of Yamamoto. Failure in Burma. Allied Strategic Directives issued.

War in the Pacific 1943 – Week 18

The Allied Airforces and the US Navy smash the Japanese Navy at the Battle of the Bismark Sea and the Battle of Blackett Strait. The Air War continues. Allied strategy for the rest of 1943 is developed in Washington.

The Battles of Late October for Guadalcanal

The Outbreak of World War 2 in Europe

How did it come to this? The events leading up to the outbreak of World War 2.




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