The War in North Africa

The End in Africa

November 1942 to May 1943. The Pursuit from Bardia with battles at El Agheila and Mareth. The Race for Tunis followed by stalemate then the battle at Kasserine. The Air battles to support the Allied advance and interdict the Axis supply line. The Final Victory in Africa. Turning points also in Russia and the Pacific.

The Pursuit

The Pursuit after Alamein. The Negotiations after Torch. The Context of the wider War.

Operation Torch

The Americans intervene. Where to land. Negotiations with the French. D Day.

The 2nd Battle of Alamein

The Intervention of Churchill and the arrival of Alexander and Montgomery. the battle of Alam Halfa. The attack on Rommel’s supply line. Reinforcements pour in. Some individual stories. 23 October to 4 November, The Second Battle of Alamein.

The 1st Battle of Alamein and the Pedestal Convoy

Auchinleck takes control of 8th Army, withdraws to Alamein and fights a drawn battle there. The debate on future Allied action continues until President Roosevelt orders the invasion of French North Africa. Churchill relieves Auchinleck and appoints Alexander and, after the death of Gott, Montgomery to the Middle East and 8th Army. The Pedestal convoy fought 5 out of 14 supply ships through to Malta, keeping the island in the war at the expense of nine merchantmen, one aircraft carrier, two cruisers and a destroyer. 25 June to 17August 1942.

The First Two Years

Wavel’s offensive against the Italians, the loss of forces to Greece, Rommel’s first offensive, Crusader, the loss of forces to the war against Japan, the defence and maintenance of Malta, the debate about how and where to apply Allied forces to the war against Germany and the Battle of Gazala.

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